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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happy Camper...

A Happy Camper I am...when one is not expecting a sudden happy change. With the start of my second shift at the new Aluminum Smelter I wasn't expecting to end up with the perfect job for me, far from the maddening crowd in what is called the North 40, working with friends in Receiving and Shipping of scaffolding to various crews on the project. It feels good to get into a routine.
Buddy, My Mom's Peace Rose, a favorite Maple, Mr. Pickwic

A friend I was working with introduced me to Old Billy. A Medalta Jug
Ruskin Dam soon to be rebuilt, Daffodils, a cup of tea
A Farmer out standing in his field and a Presidents of USA plate. A picture gathering seaweed, a family phone sure beats cell phones for me. A painting looking at Quadra Island from Campbell River.   

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Have a great week.

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Things...

It has been awhile, working at the Aluminum Smelter. It has been a little tough to do anything extra. I am on days off and slowly getting some Spring things done...

Rainbow at the Vancouver Arport, Terrace mountain view and flying home in a Beachcraft.

Buddy, Pookie and spring flowers

Split the tree peony, gave it a new home. It gets huge. Snow Lady first to bloom, roto-tilling new bed along new fence and a nice primrose.
Taz at 9 months, more primrose, a local Buffalo ranch and the garlic is coming up nicely!
Last summer a friend, beautiful lake and wild blueberries.
How is your Spring Thing coming along?

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014


It is starting to feel like winter is done last Friday when I started my in doc at the local training center it snowed all day a good foot and a half. The next day it started to rain I had to take the time and buy new rubber work boots. You could call this the Rain Coast. Today the Sun came out along with some Sunny Thoughts.

Went to a Fall Protection course today when it was finished I had time to touch base with my good friends Robin and Fred. I picked up some lemons and 2 limes the limes were big. Flying to Terrace airport high above the clouds a sort of reverse sunset. The Cranberry fields near the Vancouver Airport.

The Kermode Bear is unique to the north west coast. Here is the snow!

More above the cloud shots
Daffodil's I can hardly wait, I am a fan of steeples and bells
What do daffodil's make you think of?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

On the Mark...Get Set...

I have been getting ready to go to work on the North Coast...

The birds have been showing up this Peliated showed up made my day!

Made a quick trip to the lower Mainland to see my dad. Saw a nice old Nash, boats heading to the Herring fishery, a beautiful sunset, the Lion's and Horseshoe bay

Today I went to see my Chiropractor and out to Cumberland to pick up some healthy product for my smoothie. An once of Prevention! Cumberland is a old coal mining area and is rich with old buildings a very funky place indeed!

A sunset a wheel from a coal car, 1909 customs and post office, a favorite tree weighted down with the snow.
I leave you with some Summer Flowers Spring is in the air!

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Three Days Snow...

It is unusual to have a three day storm in this neck of the woods.

Shadow on the fence, 78 buckets of seaweed, usually do 40 and a double rainbow. When I got home there was a call for work.
A lot of snow and a lot of shoveling, snow drops and snow Holly!
Taz, Snow on the new fence and flower bed, a selfie, more snow drops, Buddy, clearing snow from car port and a real favorite saying. 
More snow, maple, Took a Look studio and office porch
My old coal burner from years ago when I used to Gypsy around. Summer flowers, Summer things, come on Spring!
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