Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hot Summer goings on at the Island Rustic Homestead...

Hot and Dry is the forecast for this summer, water shortage is a given. Being forewarned by a mild dry winter and the continuing drought in California it seems that climate change may need a little more than lip service from those in power. There are lots of things that can be done by individuals and every little bit helps.

Tree Mellow, three Ravens dropped by yesterday the first time in 35 years. Water for the deer an old wash tub, a self portrait in one. I now have water and a hose out back in the back 40, it was my wife's idea.
Garlic Scapes in with the Blueberries, they are early this year. Bird bath with Robin. Raspberries are hot and heavy. Taz relaxing on Vanity, butterfly's need H2O.
Garlic tea for the bugs, young bunny needs... rose with weird marks, Pookie rules the roost. a Day lilly
Fruit Flam yummy, Columbine and Echinacea
Old notched-eared deer now has water, 
Point Defiance, squirrel approved wood pile, Peace rose.           

I hope everyone is keeping cool and hydrated. 

Wishing everyone in Canada a Happy Canada Day July 1st and our USA friends a Happy 4th of July.


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Friday, June 12, 2015

Making Hay While the Sun Shines...

The last few days I have been doing a re-roof of the highest building. Time was right and I had help from my neighbor who is a lot younger than me.

The roof was in sad shape. I set up the truck to toss the old shingles. In their day the inter locking style was popular but they didn't pass the test of time. When we went to the dump the waste weighted 807 kilos. Milton (the truck) was loaded for bear.

Putting the roof back together required re-sheeting one side. I went out and bought fall arrest gear for working on the edge. The bottom few courses I hand nailed then used a rented roofing nail gun. It is a great feeling having this job done all, the other roofs are single story.

I put the Owl out, lots of Bees, Humming birds and Butterflies enjoying natures bounty.

Last piece of firewood to cut,  champion and 
(centre) the guardian (Old Scout)
Here is wishes that everyone takes the time to smell the flowers!


Thank you Jody @ Rooted in Thyme for featuring my last post on your blog.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Busy Time of Year...

As I look out the window at the birds going about life, a rabbit hops by heading for the garden. It turns out that there are four, so far they are leaving the garden alone...

Giant poppies, my Mothers Peace Rose and a couple of new additions Alstroemeria and Star of Bethlehem.
Holly in flower the male and female are twined together. Point Defiance Rhodo, Azalea, Anna K., Old Copper and Rosemary in bloom.
Old notched ear deer at rest, my neighbors empties collection, Dinner plate tree peony and working on four cords of Fir firewood - the Squirrel approves. stacked one cord on old truck frame
Columbine, Wild Affair Rhodo and an industrial Roller I picked up at a yard sale, it is heavy and needs no water for weight. 
Climbing rose, it is the first year it has had blooms. We were talking of tearing it out - it must of heard us talking. A couple of campfire coffee pots from the NW territories. Two of the last Rhodos to flower. 
Hoping that some color brings a smile to your face and to take some time to relax. Bee Happy!


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Friday, May 1, 2015

Full Circle

I recently went on a trip to the Sunshine Coast. There were two ferries, one from Little River Vancouver Island to Powell River and one from Saltery Bay to Earls Cove. The Saltery Bay trip is around 50 min. and is a very scenic trip.

Hummer's at the Saltery Bay terminal and Taz wanted outside he is really good about the leash.
The scenic ferry trip
The return trip from Langdale fresh snow on the North Shore mountains
I was thrilled when this Pileated showed up
Molly-Anne Rhodo and the Apple tree has a visit
A hollow log on the beach, Tarus and Horizon Monarch in all their glory
I hope everyone will take a little time to enjoy Mother Nature. Be kind to one another.


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

On being Grounded...

Finding a balance in this electronic age is a real challenge for me and many others. Learning about health and safety and the many pitfalls can be over whelming. Knowledge is power and informing oneself is the best defence.  It is every ones right to know about the dangers of Wi-Fi, Smart meters, any smart appliances, microwaves, dirty power, the dangers of cell phone use and any other products that emit radiation. When I first got interested it was because of the attempts by BC Hydro to force me to accept a so called Smart Meter. It is hard to understand why anyone should be forced to have something so dangerous to their health and well being. There is a lot of helpful information out there, here is a site that leads to other sites.

Now onto things that make me smile Pookie and flowers.

Prepping the garden and planting volunteer garlic and cloves

Taz got a hair cut and is so much happier

Buddy had a hair cut to. An old motor on a lazy Susan and a sash weight, Ramapo Rhodo
and a wheelbarrow wheel
Tarus, Mollyanne and ?

My neighbor let me cut down a diseased plum tree had a good fire going in the back 40. The weather has been quite changeable, a brief hailstorm them sun then wind... 

Trillum, ?, Horizon Monarch and and Bergenia

Dragged a old frame into the yard I think it is from a 1951 crew cab it would make a good trailer. I am thinking of stacking firewood on it for now.
I hope this post puts a smile on your face and have a happy life!


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