Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Little Christmas decoration...

It has been a little hard to get into the Christmas Spirit this year but there is much to be grateful for. Happily my Dad is out of the hospital after nearly 2 months recovering from a fall/hip surgery and rehab.

I am going to see him tomorrow and I am spending a few days to help him adjust to his new suite and routines. It will be great to have some family time and to lend a hand...

Spent some time today cleaning up my office porch and made a Holly display in an old copper boiler plus added some flowers we picked up, oh so nice! A 21 inch maple leaf and a poor picture of Pookie.

Some shots of recent high water taken at the local pub.

Mushrooms on firewood, a nest in the holly and our Holly.

Buddy after the groomer and new decorations for the doors.

Cheery leaves, Middlenatch on a blustery day, reflecting ducks (mallards) and Taz in his new spot.

A palliated woodpecker (not my photo), a better Pookie photo and some garden colour.

I hope that you are able to be with family and friends over the Christmas season. Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Lot on my Mind...

There are times when one has a lot on ones plate everyone has different ways of dealing with what life throws their way. I am not one to back down to bullying be it be some misguided individuals, company or government. When there are so many issues some action is necessary no mater how small in order to make a difference and maintain balance in ones life .
Looking at my Mother's Peace Rose and flowers helps me relax!

My favorite 50's truck, whimsical smalls and reading a motto makes me happy!

A Hummer, the sun streaming through the trees in the morning and a Squirrel hanging about!

Cleaning up the back 40 works for me!

A trip to the seashore is good!
What helps you deal with what life throws at you? Be Happy and Grateful take it easy on yourself...
A Old Barn and summer flowers make me happy!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fall around the Homestead...

One thing leads to another around the Homestead, one main thing is gathering the falling leaves. Roof maintenance is high on the list, cleaning the gutters leads to cleaning moss, leaves, cones, needles and whatever comes to rest.

Looking at my carport/office the roofing is getting close to being replaced. 
When originally done we used interlocking big mistake they are obsolete now. Lots of leaves and wind fall to be cleaned up, a deer in my neighbours yard.

A lot of pruning, here it is Honeysuckle Mandarin by the garage and another on the power pole, it was massive as it hadn't been done before.
We took our dog Buddy for a sunny walk at Miracle Beach park, lots of old growth Fir, the old and new.

 Part of my morning thing, that pesky roof, Taz, Barberry and Pookie.
It is cold and clear the air is fresh a good day to go for a walk... 

Have a Great Day!!!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It's a Journey Man... Here comes the Sun

This morning the storm is over and the sun is shining through the trees. This is my favorite time of year to take some time to work on projects and much neglected work around the homestead.
The seaweed is calling me and it is time to gather the falling leaves for next years garden. The last few months have been trying in a lot of ways and a lot of fortitude has been needed all the way around.

Taz. work last supper and blue crush for fence and driveway project

Winter is coming, working on a shelter for the crew. A full moon on the way to work.
Last trip to Kitimat
Top on right my room mate treated me to a last supper. An anamita on the lawn of the rental. At home with Taz and my Mother's Peace Rose

The front fence project, my neighbor dug out the old concrete and loaded in my pickup, used blue crush to set posts.
Retarped car park with 12 gauge heavy duty tarp
Stopped at friends on the way home, they have been working hard doing stone work and finishing touches on their homestead. John's 1955 truck. Stopped at the bottle house (see previous post).

Home is where the Heart is...

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Saturday, August 2, 2014


The amount of time left at the end of the Day to work on personal improvement isn't much. I find that the morning (early) is my best opportunity to work on projects. One of my main things is listening to Holosync C/D's, a modern and effective way to help me become more effective, healthy and happy. 

My last time out (home from work for 6 days) the house waterline had to be replaced. My friend Jon Boy who did most of the digging and all of the back filling over 4 long tough days. Three yards of sand and 300 feet of 3/4 inch waterline the new IPEC waterline is so much better to work with than the old style system. A big thank you to Jon and my wife Wendy for all their  help.

The garlic scapes are very tall. Blueberry netting. Buddy. my neighbor Eric and Taz.

On my trip back to Kitimat, really enjoyed the trip.

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend.
Be Happy!
Thanks for visiting.
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