Sunday, February 13, 2011

Building a Business for your: peace of mind,health,freedom...

friends lighthouse

old church have faith

a whale of a time

hope springs eternal

an education
Being out of work many times in my life makes me take stock and look at another way of doing things.
 I have been into healthy living for a number of years, the older I get the more this is so. With each financial meltdown I see more and more friends, fellow workers and many others hurting in so many ways. The option that I see for myself and many others is to take a good hard look at network marketing. The first thing I've done is get an education then using due diligence picked a company with products, benefits, opportunity and great people that I feel passionate about. For me this is Shaklee and the business all about health, wellness, being green and the core values of a positive life.

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