Thursday, November 24, 2011

Self Improvement... Positive Attitude

Turning a Buffet into a Vanity. The finished project. I don't have any before shots. The process was to find a suitable piece then removing the feet and the top. Next installing the plywood top with the cut out for the sink.


Part of the bathroom renovation which is now the best room in the house

Tile set by my son in law

The drawers are cut out to allow for the sink, used the wood from the top for trim.

Pull detail were iron painted gold by Wendy

Plumbing detail
There is always room for improvement there is only one kick at the can and having a positive attitude is one key to a good life. My dad has always been a beacon of light leading by example.


  1. Great trim around the 'vanity'. Love the upgrade, and the fact that you kept the look of the buffet with the drawer renovation. Great tidy plumbing underneath.

  2. As Dad would say, "We must be twins!" because I'm about to do the same thing in our loft bathroom, with a small cabinet I found at the Restore.


Thanks for your kind comment.

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