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Best Outdoor Project from 2011

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Originally posted December 22, 2011

Favourite Outdoor post from 2011
Ladder Christmas Display Tree

I've copied the post here:

Rustic, found parts, funky Ladder Christmas Display Tree
Got ladder out of shed, cut down one step, set up against the deck wall, 
cut straggly tree, gathered more evergreen branches,
 a wheelbarrow of holly and some collectibles from my office.
Did some trimming in the yard
Some cleaning using Shaklee Basic H2 solution and created a tree base.
from an industrial light shade and a very old wheel hub.
Added the lights, some old post finials, my favorite elf, 
a bit of red, silver, blue 
and a funky clothesline wheel. 
Added and subtracted some of my collectibles.
An outside ladder Christmas tree (under cover of my porch).


  1. I love it!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I drove past your scaffolding building course and wondered what in the heck you guys were doing. Now I know. It looked pretty intense. Small world eh?

  3. So Rob, you were the ladder Christmas tree pioneer! I think your tree stand has to be the best one I have seen. Thank you so much for linking up, it is nice to find new friends.



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