Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Porch on Office, Recycled Materials

This is my office/large storage and workshop area. I needed an outdoor covered area. Since I am a carpenter and serious handyman (concrete, wiring, plumbing- all that home build/repair work that I've been doing all my adult life) I started collecting supplies over time. Frugal by necessity. Garage sale and flea market shopping a hobby as well as entertainment, favorite activity and source of supplies too.

The concrete slabs (3) I poured by hand. Had the good fortune to salvage the 6x6 post and beams, 2x 6 and old wooden gutters. Main costs were the cement and 3/4inch plywood for the roofing. Lean-to style. Nails and fasteners, scrap wood, recycled chain on hand.

Bottle Bees love the old nail holes
Old wooden gutter
Great hangout spot in the summer

I love that stained glass window detail.
Birds nest
Looking up my driveway, stained glass window detail.
Lots of space for working under cover, workbench is very handy
Close-up on bottle bee dwellings
Construction details

Chain for water channeling from recycled wooden gutters
Handy chair beside office door
Beam detail
Beaten copper wall decoration

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A Southern Daydreamer Outdoor Wednesday # 157


  1. Great spot...wonderful stained glass window!

  2. Wow, great space! Love the stained glass window and the beaten copper decoration. I'd love to work in a space like that. :)

  3. what a great space! I love it! :o) thank you so much for sharing!!!!! i like your style!
    Jaime from crafty scrappy happy


Thanks for your kind comment.

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