Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dear to me..

My Dad and Mom dad is 92 and is a Vet 
On Remembrance Day. I think of the men and women who gave their lives for our freedom and I am grateful.

A tame Buck shot taken in my neighbour's yard leaves mowed and ready to go.

Lighthouse at Cape Mudge on Quadra Island shot from Campbell River, a Steam Donkey at Sayward and took a look studio at home

Poppies, Buddy, babies and Pookie 
Cometh Sunshine after rain. After sorrow, joy again.


  1. Rob - thank you for always sharing such lovely photos and bless your Mom and Dad and all our parents who lived through the unimaginable so that we would live free to imagine...

  2. Your Daddy is a true hero my dear! Hats off to all teh dear vets that we still have with us, so very thankful! :) Sweet photos and critters! :)


  3. Give your dad a big thanks for me!!


Thanks for your kind comment.

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