Friday, November 23, 2012

How time does FLY...

It was a few years ago when we bought the Butterfly towel / clothing rack. Finally after around 10 years I have repaired and hung this piece. Putting things off isn't good and is something I have been working on.

Hung on the wall and the minor repair,  basically a little glue and adjustment

You can tell a lot from the back, 
this is my favorite piece this week.

I was talking with a friend about my garlic being small,
he suggested I plant in the fall.
Another job done, maybe I can get on a roll! 

Another Butterfly, some flower power, garlic tops, 
Old Post Office at Kilby Museum. 

There is something to be said for the written word. Tunnel Vision - Let me FOCUS..... How does your time flutterbye?


  1. What a unique mirror-- well done! Good luck with your garlic. My dad plants that every year (don't know any of his secrets though!).

  2. That mirror is fascinating! How old would you say it is, Rob?

    Thanks again for joining in this week!


  3. I'm fascinated by your mirror and rack too Rob! I've never seen one in a butterfly shape, so much fun.

    Such pretty flowers, day lilies???

    Happy weekend!

  4. The mirror is different from any I have ever seen. We plant garlic here in the fall too.

  5. That butterfly mirror is so rare ... beautiful piece. Great job. Never planted garlic, but love to grow onions.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures

  6. Hi Rob! That mirror is amazing. I've never seen one shaped like that. Just love mirrors of all sizes and shapes. They bounce the light around which is what I love.

  7. "The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul."
    I love this beautiful mirror and am so happy it is UP and you can now
    more fully appreciate it!!

  8. A very nice mirror that should be used. Very different and interesting.

  9. You cracked me up! Sounds like me! But it was worth it in the end. The mirror is Beautiful. I enjoyed visiting from Fox Hollow Cottage linky. I love linky's.
    Thanks for sharing and lurin' me over.
    Have a Blessed Thursday,


Thanks for your kind comment.

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