Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 on being Contrary to Ordinary...

Thinking of what I would like to accomplish this coming year... work wise, dream wise, health wise...

There are a lot of people around my age 60 + who talk about health issues as well as financial problems. With the world economy being on the brink and the rapid changes of technology in order live a happy and productive life the same old way isn't working. So this year my word is Paradigm Shifts. I am going to explore alternative thinking as a part of my blog.

My office porch, Day lily El Desperatato and to focus

The need for flowers

Mr. Pickwick keeping an eye on things

Love my Rhodos and worm compost
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  1. It looks like sping/summer with the flowers it makes me think of warm days in the garden on this rainy gray day.

  2. Ohhh your flowers are soooo pretty! :D


  3. I am in love with your porch! Kinda like Mr. Pickwick too :)

  4. Alternative thinking is interesting enough for me to follow your journey this year!

  5. Love your office porch overhang. I am in the process of converting my 24 x 24 detached garage into a studio/workspace. Phase II will begin this summer. This would be absolutely perfect. I'm your newest follower.
    P.S. I have always wanted a caboose!!!!

  6. Thanks for joining the Gratitude party! I love your photos and your thoughts. I'm hoping to make 2013 a much more productive year personally also.


  7. I love the train car...actually I am loving this whole post!


Thanks for your kind comment.

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