Friday, June 28, 2013

Working and Playing around the Hood...

These last few days we have made some real progress around the yard. A friend phoned and asked if I needed any Cedar Fence Posts he had bought a logging truck load of firewood and there was a lot of cedar mixed in. I was able to buy ( at a fair price ) enough to redo all my fencing post wise, there is still a lot of 2 by 4, fence boards, cedar trim, paint, wood preservative... time and energy it is a good start... Speaking of preservative I am looking for a not toxic way, my Dad says that when they did fence posts on the Ranch that they used Cobalt if anyone has suggestions as to finding a source and application I would be Grateful.

First load
20 yard load of Fir pole yard mulch my friend with the cedar showed me where to find it

The driver managed to dump it in the perfect spot

Applying the mulch with delivery it was $10 a yard, I am in mulch heaven weeding and watering will be less of a chore

I needed a new Cell Phone my last one was a Lemon I got a $100 dollar gift card with the phone.
 peat moss was a good deal

 Wood for the 2013 Campbell River Carving Shoreline Arts Event this is the 20th year I will be doing a post on this soon

My Daughter ( Rachel ) and grandson ( Scott )
Myself and Scott at Piano recital
In my Carport

The Rain has been hard on the flowers but the Sun is coming out soon


  1. You are such a busy man and your flowers are beautiful. I need to do some mulching if I can find some that will not wash off the first time it rain. Speaking of rain ... we sure need it.
    Audrey Z.

  2. Your flowers are lovely! Hello from Montreal.

  3. wow ...sounds like you are super busy!
    Love your flowers & all that wood! Yeah!

  4. Happy gardener. Hope you post again as you make changes. Great log posts. Good time to be working on your yard, garden.


Thanks for your kind comment.

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