Friday, August 23, 2013

My ecletic busy in motion post...

One never seems to get things around the old homestead done before something else comes up...
Yard Sale ready to go

Buddy was our greeter sold some bulky items even a little garlic. The best part was the people you meet.

The Full Moon was...

Went to a farm, stopped at a friends who gave us this pink flower, had a good visit, mowed the seaweed and said hi to the deer.

Middlenatch Island off in the distance, getting a couple of loads of summer seaweed ( the best kind ) the tree peony is huge and keeps on having blooms

Off on a road trip to Mackenzie B.C. pulp mill (shut down)

A Naturalist talking on Grey Whales and ancient glass sponge reefs. The Blueberries just because... Tomorrow the next leg of the journey...


  1. There is ALWAYS something more to do! ALWAYS!! I haven't been bored since one afternoon back in 1972. It didn't last long. I would have loved to come to your yard sale!!
    You live a very interesting life!

  2. Cool moon photo. I always enjoy your photos. Take care - Dawn

  3. You look well prepared for a yard sale I like your set up.
    As usual greet pictures.


Thanks for your kind comment.

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