Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Raz Ma Taz...

It has been awhile ...  Fall has arrived; lots of jobs and projects that need attention around the homestead, clean the chimney, fill the wood shed, have a post roast, weed the garden, plant the garlic...

The new addition to the Family "Taz".
 Buddy thinks he is the Proud Papa

On the way to work a month ago I stopped in Lac La Hache and took in a local Garlic Festival, met some fine folk and learned a thing or two. Bought some different Varieties, it will be fun growing them
Finished work, loaded up and headed out. Traveled by the light of the moon, the morning shot, a few in Williams Lake; the Buck at the Stampede grounds, the log building was a Taxidermy back in the day.

Got to see my good friends John and Anne,  John is busy doing stone work. Stopped at 83 Mile House, a road house built in 1864 during the Gold Rush. It has been closed for a long time.
  It is nice to have the Fall energy I hope you have lots...


  1. Love all of your wonderful pictures and especially love the new addition to the family, oh what fun you will have with this little beauty...Phyllis

  2. Good sights, neat festival. Sweet Taz.

  3. The new addition to the family is adorable as usual so is Buddy.
    The garlic festival sounds interesting.

  4. hi Rob, I always enjoy seeing your pictures. You have such an interesting and busy life. Love the new addition to the family. Great picture of the old wagon wheel hub.
    Blessings ...
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures


Thanks for your kind comment.

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