Saturday, October 19, 2013

Some Maintenance around the Homestead...

This week has been interesting, trying to finish a couple of projects with new ones showing up...

Caught a beautiful sunrise, I had been hearing a noise where the water line comes in the yard, the copper line had a hole after 33 years. The Water Man Eric was very pleasant and did a great job along with the Hoe operator. Squared the last post that's two jobs done!!

More of the Deer

Puff Balls, Leaf Mulch on Garlic Bed and Cedar Kindling and a homemade Wet Stone.

My on-going Truck Maintenance project, made a pair of 6 by 12 ramps in order to change the fuel filter, it was really needed as the truck is a '94.  Still won't start, may have to change the fuel pump next. Good thing the weather is still nice and that I have friends who help...

The worm compost needed doing, got 3 cans full. The round composter works better (the worms say so).

Ring around the Moon, composted garlic scapes had babies, Shy Deer and a Hummer on the Fascia.
 Thanks for visiting. Hope you enjoyed a peek of Autumn at my Coastal BC Island home.

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  1. Your photos are so beautiful! My FAVORITE in today's post is the ring around the moon! Pretty as a picture!! It looks like a painting! Louis Dean would so totally appreciate your ramps. He is a big believer in those things and uses his just as you do probably. He still changes the oil on both our vehicles. He has a 2000 Dodge Ram with tons of miles on it but it still runs like a top. He said if anything ever happens to him - KEEP the truck!! He thinks he may give it to Harrison (the only boy in the quadruplet set) when he starts to drive - that would be in 2028!! He fully intends his truck to last forever! You and my LD are very much alike - except YOU are much NEATER!!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Mmm, haven't had fried puff balls for years. I always went to a forest tract for them and morels with my Dad when he was alive. The moon shot is awesome.

  3. Hello Rob
    I am fascinated by your lovely photos of the deer - did you use a telephoto lens?
    A gorgeous sky pic too.
    I would love a little worm farm - my soil is so puggy, they would fix it in no time I'm sure!
    Nice to see a bloke joining in!
    Shane in New Zealand

  4. Love your nature shots!
    Thanks for sharing at the HomeAcre Hop!

  5. A ring around the moon we don't see very often here in California!

  6. Love your blog and thanks so much for sharing : ) hugs...


Thanks for your kind comment.

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