Thursday, January 16, 2014

Stress and some ways that help me deal with it...

There are so many things to stress about... money, health, relationships, work, disappointments, trust, death, worry... 

Being here now, not tomorrow, not yesterday is a big one. Having gratitude, faith, believing in yourself another. Positive thinking being around positive people makes a difference. Loving yourself taking care of your health. I read a lot on health and like to learn new things that are helpful. Reading self improvement books works for me...

An almost full moon, stain glass project, a favorite area nearby and (green wall cupboard) our first big sale when we were starting out antiquing.

It was difficult removing the old frame, one pane cracked will use sap a gap to repair

A load of yellow cedar, fir and some seaweed as well as a couple of boom chains, 
a good trip to the beach.

Some shots taken last summer

Buddy and old things make me happy

Working on the slabs for the fence good to go. Burning scrap along with any troubles from last year feels good! Leftover slabs and a good pile of firewood.

Some Favorites!

How do you deal with stress? 
Have a Happy Life!


  1. I guess I handle it pretty well. I am a firm believer, if you can fit something. do so, or let it go. Worry solves absolutely nothing, just ages you and bad for your health.

  2. Neat shots all very beautiful ~ favorite is your doggie ~ stain glass project sounds very creative ~ carol, xxx
    (A Creative Harbor)

  3. LV has it figured out. Thanks for this post Rob. Love seeing what you are doing. Give Buddy a good pet from me. Hope you post/picture more about the stained glass.

  4. Can't think about stress or it will really get you down. I thank God each morning that I have another day. Everything will fall into place - stress will make you sick.
    Beautiful pictures - love the dog.
    Have a warm weekend.

  5. Working in the yard or with the chickens is a good stress reliever for me. If things are really bothering me, I grab a can of paint and paint something. While I'm painting, the world disappears and I have time to renew myself.

  6. I try to keep an attitude of gratitude. And when I am stressed I tend to CLEAN something! Painting helps me relax and I have a regular art day. Speaking of art....the twp paintings side by side look familiar! They were painted from a Bill Alexander book I believe because I have painted those exact same ones myself!! Love his books!!

  7. You know, Rob. I go antiquing of course! Even if I don't buy, I always find something interesting that takes my mind off my troubles, at least for I while. Then I just let go, and let God. He can handle anything!

  8. I love all of these -- like a photo mosaic diary of your life ... thanks for sharing. You are a great photographer and obviously know how to live!

  9. Love the views of the water and mountains! The moon is gorgeous. And your doggie is adorable! All lovely photos, thanks for sharing! Enjoy your week ahead!

  10. From your post I can see you have a lot of things to keep you busy. Valerie

  11. Nice photos, lots to be grateful for, right? For me, walking a couple of miles helps melt away stress and so does prayer. Have a great week :)

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  13. Old things make me happy too Rob. Luckily, I inherited my mothers gene of not stressing. Now and then I might have something that is pressing on my mind, but don't really stress. I do think staying busy and looking at our blessings really helps! I enjoyed your photos. Loved that stained glass! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  14. Hi Rob ... enjoyed your blog ... you always have the best photos. I too, love vintage things and am happy to hunt for treasures. I love working in the workshop, building, recycling and re-purposing. I enjoy it when projects turn out as expected. Sometimes I hit a snag and have to leave too many things unfinished and that stresses me. Hope your days are happy and not stressful.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  15. Nice post. And I love the big pile of wood, I can almost smell that cedar from here. I like to put cedar slabs in all of my closets, underneath the couch cushions...everywhere! As for stress, you must find time in that awesome looking island rustic location and meditate. Daily...and express your gratitude for that which you are truly grateful. Just sit out there, breathe deep the clean fresh air, and breathe out all that is bringing you down. Let it all go out into the universe to be transformed into positive vibrations! And then, tell yourself OUT LOUD, that it is done, it is gone and breathe in all that newly charged positivity right back into your heart and soul! I'm sending you all of my good intentions and positive vibrations right now! Go for it! Aloha

  16. Stress is all around us but in winter we feel it more. Diet can help relieve the levels of stress. Eat more fruits and veggies and try to stay away from processed foods. *Don't eat any wheat - barley or rye. Try it for 3 weeks and see how you feel.


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