Monday, January 2, 2017

At last having a life...

 I was surprised with a lay off after nearly 8 months. I am starting to relax and start working on projects I haven't had time or energy for. It has been a real winter so far lots of ice and snow My neighbor wanted to knock down some big leaf maples I got all the firewood and had some fun. We had a big snowfall which knocked down a choke cherry and broke a branch off a maple onto the house. I had a tree company take the two problem maples down. I am happy and when I build an addition there are no more trees to worry about.  

The snow took it's toll

The problem maples are no more

This came up and I sure miss dad.
                                I find winter purifying a time to take stock
                                   and do what there never seems time the
                                   rest of the year. Be happy and follow your dreams!


  1. Lots of trees down, hope they make firewood. We are not used to the heavy frozen snow and ice on the coast plus the minus low temps, its been years since we saw more than a light coating of snow and slippery streets.

    Happy 2017 New Year Rob.



  2. Oh, my WORD!!! I have MISSED you and wondered if you were ill or something!
    A big part of our old elm tree fell on our gazebo last spring and Louis Dean cut it up and we are having the best firewood! Not that we had much winter as of yet. Certainly NOTHING like yours!!
    Good to hear from you!


Thanks for your kind comment.

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