Saturday, February 13, 2016

Ducks in a Row...

It feels like Spring will soon arrive in these parts. Working around the yard pruning and general clean up is in full swing. The beds in the garden have seaweed on them, the Blueberries have had coffee grounds, Fir needles, worm castings and seaweed to top them off they will be very happy this year. 

Working on the upper Garden. The beds with leaves are planted with Garlic last fall and my favorite spot for seaweed.

Ducks in a row, books keeping me company, snow drops and  crocus are the first to show

Encrusted stump, fresh clean seaweed and the view looking East

Cedar kindling from beach log drying a little in my man cave, making and repairing cat scratch posts. The one on the right is a big hit with the kids!

Here is wishing everyone a Happy Valentines Day!


Thank you Jody and Stan of Rooted in Thyme for Featuring this post February 18, 2016. Congratulations on your Retirement Stan.

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  1. Cedar makes the best kindling. We get lots of small wood that floats up to the cabin this time of year. We throw it into a small dinghy that floated in a few years back to dry over the summer and then store it for winter burning. Wish we were close enough to the ocean to easily get and transport some seaweed. - Margy


Thanks for your kind comment.

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