Tuesday, November 8, 2011

So much Warmer...

Operation Roxul is a success

Our house has never been this warm and snug. We started out thinking of doing half of the 24by32 house did the whole thing including the crawl space walls. It took 18 bundles of R 22 and 2 of R 14.
Now this is cosy
The Start
So much easier to use
Old insulation and spider webs
R 22
Another old insulation shot
Slats to ensure insulation stays put
Dump run


  1. We need to do a bit more insulating in our kitchen - unfortunately, mice got to some of it because the previous owner was only here on weekends.

    Your house will be cozy and warm this winter.

    Thanks so much for joining in, Rob.


  2. Amazing the difference a little insulation can make!

  3. Love it! I look forward to exploring your blog more... Our attic insulation is often inhabited by squirrels, but I think we have all the access points plugged. Hope your new stuff works well! Ann

  4. Oh, that can be an unpleasant and itchy job but you'll enjoy it this winter.

  5. Hi Rob,

    I had a suspicious link last week on Reality Shot Thursday- when I clicked on it I got a message that I had to sign out of my email and sign in another way to reach the site. When I went to LinkyTools, there again was no way to reach the link and no name. So I deleted it. I ran my virus and malware detection program and everything is okay. Anyway, it's made me stop and think about this whole thing. Someone could leave a questionable link and I wouldn't know about it until I clicked on it. And with the name, Reality Shot....well, you get the idea. I would never want anything on my blog that is offensive.

    So I have decided to call it a day on Reality Shot Thursday. Thank you so much for taking part.



Thanks for your kind comment.

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