Saturday, November 12, 2011

Fall Rye and Negotiations...

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Written mid November...

Yesterday I spent time working on my lower garden moving compost to areas we want to move some Rhododendrons and shrubs in the Spring. We have around 60 Rhodo's many were small when planted and were close together. I will plant fall Rye on the garden which I have spread  the Black Gold seaweed and Peat Moss. As I was tilling the area... A call came to go to Sask. for work now it is time for negotiation and positive persuasion.

A lot of Daffodils will replant along driveway

Big leaf maple tell me about maples you may have

Working on garden

Tilling done

Buddy my helper

New Rhodo area


  1. You have been VERY busy. Hope you get time to complete the most essential 'getting ready for winter' jobs before you leave again.

  2. Work in progress always pays off in the end. Whew! What a job!
    Joyce M

  3. Gorgeous helper!

    Whiteout, for outdoor wednesday.

  4. Nice collection of photos, showing us hard work and how it will pay off.

  5. Looks promising! Can't wait to see it in the spring.


Thanks for your kind comment.

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