Monday, January 30, 2012

Building a New Daffodil Bed

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The thrift part of this post: daffodil bulbs dug up from other parts of the garden and saved for this project, worm casting (home grown), compost (home composted). Used what I had on hand. The metamorphosis is the before growth (making the bed/planing) and the after (daffodils at end of post). The creative is making something new from something else (soil additions rototilled + divided daffodil bulbs = daffodils in abundance in a new flower border). The twice owned is reusing daffodil bulbs separated when thinning another daffodil bed and using some tools collected at fleas and garage sales.

It may seem a little silly to be planting this time of year... but the snow is almost gone and the sun was shining. My tools were handy. I had the time and energy, the bulbs , composted soil, bone meal, peat moss, worm casting and leaf mulch. The treasured soil additions of a long time gardener.

Be lost without my rototiller. Two bags of peat moss for this bed.
Peat moss ready to rototill. Compost, bone meal and bulbs.
Trenching and Worm Castings
Bulbs planted, topped up with compost to cover. Nifty kneeling pad
Leaf mulch protects the new growth
A daffodil bed to match the established one on the other side of the driveway.
Spring 2011 Memories


  1. Oh My what a big job!It's going to be worth it though.It will look wonderful.

  2. Wow-I agree with Denise...a lot of work, but oh, so worth it!

    I came over from Homemaker On A Dime

  3. So pretty! How I wish we have this vast expanse of land. Thanks for joining us at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)

  4. What a gorgeous long bed of daffodils! My daffodils are already popping up months ahead of schedule!


Thanks for your kind comment.

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