Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Summer and Autumn Revisited

Rainy, cold, dull, no sunshine, muddy, wet. Just the right kind of day to revisit last summer and fall garden photos. Cheered me up, hope it gave you a few seconds of cheer too.

Thank you Picnik for easy to use collages, framing, watermarks and so much more. Sure hope that Google + incorporates this great on line software into Google +.


  1. Oh, thanks, Rob for such beauty!

    I too am in the north - so it is grey, wet, cold and DEAD....these flowers are absolutely a breath of life in the dead of winter....something I needed very much today!

  2. omgoodness, I simply cannot wait!!
    simply beautiful

    thanks for linking

  3. Visiting via Primp linky.
    Love all the pretty fresh photos.

    I too will mourn the loss of picnik... my best bud ;)

    Can only HOPE we can find something to replace it!

  4. Such lovely photos! I am so ready for spring after seeing this!
    Cheers, Andrea

  5. Beautiful photos! We've had some really warm temps here in Georgia and some of the daffodils are already blooming. I don't remember them ever blooming this early!

  6. WOW! Can't wait to see next summer....

  7. You brightened my dreary Wednesday. Visiting from Savvy City Farmer!

  8. I've got to weed! Thanks for the beautiful tour. Your dahlias are amazing.

  9. Thank for sharing your cheer with us. No matter when they were grown, always pretty.

  10. Thanks for perking me up on a dreary raining day.

  11. Absolutely gorgeous photos! How wonderful to live in such beauty.

    Happy VTT!

  12. So pretty! I am ready for spring flowers again. My daffodils should be blooming in a few weeks and I can't wait!


Thanks for your kind comment.

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