Thursday, February 16, 2012

City Scapes...

Hope you don't do what my sister did (by accident). She was rearranging my blog look and DELETED the Linky Followers (thought it was a title). Groan (she REALLY GROANED and cried a bit too) and couldn't get them back. SO If you were a Linky follower could you link up again. 

I am currently working in North Vancouver near the waterfront and took some early morning and lunch break different views of Vancouver.
Someone has to do the work - and today it is me.
This looks like some interesting work.
Vancouver, Sea Bus Canada Place
This is me being at work.
Ship Yard will be busy building new Coast Guard Ships soon
City Peeks: 1923 CNR mainline

Early morning view of The Ship Yard

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  1. Interesting...If I can't physically get there, I can always visit with you, right? Have a nice day! Loretta

  2. wow..I have never seen the cnr tunnel! Great pics!


Thanks for your kind comment.

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