Friday, April 13, 2012

Rhododendron and Garlic

Yesterday was a day of gardening and a start on moving a few of many plants...

Lots of weeding as well as spring blossoms.
Planted more garlic in my new garlic bed.

Got a good start on my strawberry beds but more work to do.
Looking through the Tayberries.

This is the first rhododendron I planted.
Settled in to its new home, planted and watered.
Next up is the larger rhododendron.
This one is much heavier, used a soft rope.

Done. Watered. This  one will really shine in this bed.
An early one just getting started.


  1. You have been busy!! These are some nice sized bushes and will surely be a favorite every year.

    I love Rhododendrons and Azaleas! I have one small Rhodo that has already bloomed and it's done. I have a HUGE one that is taller than the gutters on my house. It's not going to bloom well this year since I had to cut it back quite a bit last year - will only have blooms on the top, since I can't reach that high. LOL!

  2. We had our hands in the dirt this week, too... feels SOOOOO great. Those strawberries seem to be coming along, yum. Thanks for linking up to Refresh Your Nest Friday!


Thanks for your kind comment.

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