Sunday, April 15, 2012

Whirley-gigs Trans-planting in a multi level yard...

Our place is on an old river course and has several climates which are really noticeable from Spring to Fall. The areas go from hot to chilly depending where you are in the yard. Soil conditions vary from sand to silt, rocky and clay. There are a lot of trees providing shade, shelter, leaves and roots as well as seeds.

Horizon Monarch  beautiful creamy yellow flowers a new spot with lots of good soil.
Another view
Coming in
Todays project
Primula peeking from behind the Hyacinth. Have a Happy Day!
(added a small update with the names of the flowers)

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  1. I see some pretty flowers in the background of that last picture with the Hyacinth. It's a raspberry and yellow flower. I can't make out what it is. Could you tell me? I probably can't grow it in my area, but I still have to know. Thx!

    1. The flower is a primula the yellow one is as well they come in many colors, scented, unscented, tall and compact easy to grow.

  2. Your Rhododendron is beautiful! I am gonna be cutting mine way back after it blooms!

  3. Hi, so glad to have you link up with my party. I love the picture of the Hyacinth and the Primula. I have never heard of the Primula. The blue and yellow together are lovely. Glad you found my blog and I hope you will share often. I am now following you.


Thanks for your kind comment.

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