Monday, May 28, 2012

Inside Kilby Store

I did look at a lot of stuff I would have liked to thrift/own but it was in a Museum (Kilby General Store) so I took pictures instead. 
Very thrifty (well, admission as $10.60 and gas to get there was ....) but I had a great time.

On my last visit to Kilby I toured the General Store. This is a picture of the original store, likely taken around 1920. 
The store first opened in 1906.
The store has authentic and original as well as 'found from the same era' items on display.
with the shelves full of household essentials
and with prices were from the past.
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  1. Hi Rob,
    Love the new blog design and new header - I guess the deer were visiting your yard?

  2. YOu did good with the pics......that way WE were able to visit the store through them!

  3. I love that old store; though it's been a couple of years since I've been there. I love visiting historical sites around British Columbia.



Thanks for your kind comment.

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