Saturday, June 2, 2012

Painting on my mind...

Been picking paint for summer projects using mis-tints at $5 a gallon, checking in two or three times a week to see what is available. Looking for a sand color for the top coat 3 five gallon buckets would probably do the trick. Perseverance is key... 
I painted the doors in Dad's garage this week, had to clean them first and used Scour Off (Shaklee). I also painted several pieces of furniture in my favorite turquoise paint.
I like the blues and grey blues groups so this collage grouping appealed to me. I picked up a 'roller' paint holder which is going to make the work go more smoothly when I am up on a scaffold painting.

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  1. Thanks much for joining us at Cap Creations. The garage door looks fantastic and I too love that turquoise you painted on the furnature. Gotta love mis tints, what a deal!


Thanks for your kind comment.

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