Friday, July 27, 2012

Keep Busy...Keep in Touch... Be Involved

Most people have faced battles with depression/ anxiety at different points in their lives. I have found that keeping busy and helping others with their problems make mine go away. I have been guilty of not keeping in touch. Having several friends pass on has caused me to change my ways. One thing that has become a passion, is Health and Wellness. I have been a Shaklee user for a lot of years as has my dad he is healthy and is on no medication (he turns 92 on Aug. 4th) Check my side bars for more information and opportunities.
My Faux Rock, Butterfly Bush, Crook neck Garlic clippings
First painting project done.
Campbell River Carvings, Pitchfork Huckleberries
                                                        and  Momma Bird
Machinist Level


  1. Hi Rob, there are so many of us going through each day with this same problem, and you are so right about how to help ourselves...Thanks! Wishing you good health, and a great weekend!

  2. Hi Rob; Your garden flowers are beautiful. That was a really tall end of the building to get painted. Glad that side is finished.

  3. I took Shaklee vitamins years ago and they are the best! Do you do mail order?

  4. Hi Rob, I love your wise words of advice at the end of your post. I always tease and say I'm too busy to be depressed. I have never had a problem with that and feel so bad for those who do. It's hard to understand when you don't. I always love seeing your garden flowers. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup. The 4th will be me and hubby's 40th anniversary. What a good day! Happy Birthday to your dad.

  5. Thanks for sharing this inspirational post on Simple & Sweet Fridays. Your garden is gorgeous!



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