Monday, August 27, 2012

Following up ...This is a follow up to a recent post

One thing that has been a problem for me is not following up, I have always been aware of the problem and now it is time to do something positive as it is holding me back from my dreams and hopes... This post is a follow up to a recent post in which I wasn't clear about how I finished the repair to the porch post.

Soaking replacement piece in Cobalt a non toxic preservative

2/6 screwed to two strips of plywood then screwed to post with 4inch screws. I call this a stiff back.

Offending piece cut off at 11 inches new piece is 12 inches to make up for settling.

Installed and spliced I am a happy camper.
This is the final product.
Good for many more years.


  1. Good that you got it done, it looks really nice! :)


  2. Great job as always Rob! Thanks for joining me.

  3. Looks like a great job.
    Over from Natasha's and just linked to follow. :)


Thanks for your kind comment.

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