Friday, August 24, 2012

Tattered through Thick and Thin...

By this time of season the flower beds and garden are looking tattered and bare. There are still some flowers that go until frost and others that are still in season, after the cascade of Lilies it does feel a little thin. For me it is time to plan and work on next years crops and flower beds. For myself I feel somewhat tattered and I am grateful to my wife, family and friends who are there through thick and thin. Time moves along so fast one must make the best of the time they have, working at having a meaningful productive life. 

Home Ranch, rose a friend gave me and a Campbell River carving.
Pookie, Hotei, Buddy and Rimfire 
Hibiscus, Mr Pickwick's and nesting Spruce
Left to right, down and back: Dad at LeeValley, a berry good time, cleaning up the Tayberries, ruins at Kilby poor mans Moorecroft 

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  1. How true that time flies by and waits for no one. Good to take stock of sweet present moments for future recollection.

  2. Wise words and beautiful photos. There are seasons of life as well as of the year!

  3. Love your mosaics, especially the dog and cat! Adorable!

  4. Thanks for sharing this beautiful post on Simple & Sweet Fridays. Awesome photos!



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