Sunday, April 14, 2013

Gravity a wake up call...

Gave  the Ivy a hair cut
Red Rhodo is very popular in this area
The Rhodos are early this year

Here is the 'gravity' part of my post today.
China cabinet full of treasures.
Plastic clip breaks. 
Basket and Vase save the day
Glass shelf and a few pieces
More of my favorite smalls
Last night a glass shelf gave way, the plastic shelf bracket let go and all the delicate pieces were in a jumble.  We were expecting a lot of breakage, but were amazed to see little damage. As good fortune would have it two substantial pieces of glassware took the brunt of the fall. Needless to say we are grateful and will be boxing up all the china and smalls until we replace all the plastic shelf brackets

Maybe it would be a good time to redo the living room floor, paint and so on? Tweaking?

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  1. wow I love that tree...Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing at One More Time Events.

  2. Thanks for sharing your spring flowers! Yep, that cabinet was not-so-gently saying it's time for some decorating.

  3. Oh my...that would be awful! I have some cabinets with plastic clips...need to make sure they still look strong! Gorgeous garden shots

  4. WHEWWWW.....thank goodness for the heavy pieces on bottom. I'd sure hate it if a lot of your pretties were broken.
    Good luck on your painting and etc...we've been doing some of that around here...
    Over from Honeysuckle..

  5. Sorry that I haven't visited in so lone. I miss you all!!
    What a relief to have saved such lovely china and I think you are could be the time to redecorate!
    As for your flowers...our gardens are so late this spring...we have had such cold wet weather! It's lovely, then, to sit back and enjoy other friends' gardens from all over the world

  6. Thanks for sharing just a small portion of the beauty from your part of the world. You were very fortunate with the fall to not break more.

  7. Your planting is so beautiful. I'll need to get some advice from you! Glad your china wasn't damaged. Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays. x


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