Saturday, August 3, 2013

Blueberry Surprise....

Went searching for a source of Blueberries on Thur, found this Farm that had Awesome Organic berries. Picked a bucket full around 9 lbs. Will have to go back soon and stock up. Later on we went to a Community Market and bought some homemade jam, Lemon MustardNoodles and a Pizza the best in a long time. After that we went to a  Bee and a Winery place... we were on a roll and we are going to check out some more farms and wineries over the rest of the Summer !!! 

A funky chippy first aid box made in the USA has instructions and is waterproof. The Hibiscus are really coming in and a Heron where I was looking for beach wood.

A burrow coffee table out from storage cleaned up, winery and Buddy with a friend Samantha This is a Blackberry Winery I need to go back and get some shots

Oh the Blueberries!!! these are Organic the farmer told me that the birds cleaned them out the first year then they installed the netting.

Yummy and a Barnacle stump taken while beach combing.
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  1. ummm; blue berries are awesome! Great shots on your blog.

  2. wow, what cool furniture I love the craftsmanship and those blueberries look sooooo good, need a cyber sample

  3. Sounds you like had a good day. I look forward to hearing about your future farm and winery adventures. ~Marlee

  4. Beautiful collages! Blueberries...yummy!

  5. Lovely collages. I am reminded of blue berry's taste.

  6. Visiting from Simple Sweet Fridays and my mouth is watering, those blueberries look delicious!! I've just switched to organic and I'm never going back. Looks like you had a great day :) Tina

  7. Love the blueberries...especially the ones still on the bush...the "clumps" are so beautiful!


Thanks for your kind comment.

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