Friday, August 9, 2013

Logs from the 1938 Sayward Fire...

A few years ago when the new Island Highway was being built a friend and I salvaged a few Cedar logs. There was a massive fire that year that ran from Courtney to Sayward the largest fire BC had ever experienced. There is a exhibit on at the Campbell River Museum which I will soon take a look. 
 When a tree burns and has a layer of charcoal  it will not rot. The logs were stacked behind the motor home and the Carpenter ants were doing their thing so being on a major yard clean up this summer...

The ants were in the first log I dragged it out back and split it into 4 the other 9 logs seem to be sound Hope to try out the Beam Machine soon

Home made Hay Wagon at the Blueberry farm picked 20  lbs yesterday.

The only tall  Dahlia in yard the apples look good this year

Block at Winery as well as Dahlia and grape vines the Hibiscus is large from the yard

Short Dahlia, Gayfeather, Scabiosa, Bella (neighbors dog), Buddy and his friend Samatha last spraying for white flies on Rhodos using garlic, basic H2 and a seaweed powder


  1. Interesting about the logs with charcoal on them. I picked blueberries this week too but not near as much as you.

  2. excellent, should be a fun project with those logs, love all the dahlias

  3. Hi Rob
    That sure does bring back memories for me having grown up in northern BC and fighting on some of the fire crews there. A job I wouldn't want again in a million years.. just thinking of it I imagine that smoke smell in my nose still! Scary!!!

  4. Hello, I am visiting from masterpiece Monday. I went fishing in Campbell River years and years ago. It is a lot of fun. Your dahlias are fabulous. Love the apples too.

  5. Love old wood. Very nice photos, especially the dogs.

  6. Wow, I picked blueberries but not 20lbs. Love the pretty flowers and the cute puppy dogs. Lovely photos, enjoy your week ahead1

  7. What amazing mosaics! You are a fabulous photographer! WOW!

  8. All very excellent photography of nature in its evolving ~ thanks, carol, xo

  9. oh my I love the idea of an organic fly spray...recipe???
    Love all your flowers!

  10. The blueberries have been fabulous this year. Our bushes were loaded. My husband picked the last of them to accompany his granola this morning before work. But we have lots in the freezer to take us through the winter.
    Great photos of life in your corner.

  11. Your flowers are looking wonderful and your garden plentiful. I am impressed with the amount of blueberries you picked but there should be some good blueberry pancakes in the near future. Valerie

  12. Rob, Congrats! You'll be featured for this inspiring post at Simple & Sweet Fridays this week. Thanks so much for sharing. Always love your photos and garden!



Thanks for your kind comment.

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