Sunday, February 16, 2014

Olympics interested or not...

In 2010 when Vancouver hosted the Summer Olympics we were more involved than this time out, for various reasons. Number 1 we were paying for it ( and still are ) and it was in our time zone so we felt more engaged. 

It is good to see athletes in top form stretching their limits, having a good attitude, fun and getting to know other people. When politics are left out it suits me fine.

On a different level we can all have personal Olympics, being the best you can be, having a good life, being healthy.
We have all heard many times that without health nothing else matters. It is really best to take responsibility and be proactive for our own health. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Pookie taking it all in, she is the boss! I was reading a tip on starting the day with the juice of a lemon mixed with tepid water. I found a juicer and a old shaker to get the seeds out, took an old glass and away we go, added a little honey. Some of the health benefits of the lemon water are increasing ones metabolism, an antioxidant and helps to balance your alkalinity. (Cancer likes an acidic PH)  

The winter weather has been ever changing. Snowy yard art, deer near the wood pile, four deer in the back forty and Buddy having a chew.

A look at last summer, something to look forward to.
 Here's to your personal Olympic dreams! 

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  1. Love the cute deer and your adorable Buddy! We have plenty of snow here, looking for some warm days to melt it away. Thanks for the tip on the lemon juice. Love the mosaics, especially the summer time mosiac.Have a happy week!

  2. Hi Rob,

    Wonderful mosaics! Your little Pookie is so adorable! I've been enjoying the Olympics after work. It is a little challenging though with the time difference and not wanting to find out who medals before you actually watch it.

  3. I love the "look at last summer" ... beautiful photos ... and your advice on keeping healthy.
    Be safe ... enjoy a change in the weather, hopefully for the best.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  4. As usual some great photo's.
    Like the shaker idea to get rid of the lemon seeds.

  5. Great idea to use the shaker to get the seeds out, I feel like saying "duh" for never thinking of that, ha ha. Love all your photos, as always. The deer! I've been into watching the Olympics more than usual, don't know why. Thank you for sharing this at my History & Home link party this week! So glad to have you join each week, Rob. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It


Thanks for your kind comment.

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