Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happy Camper...

A Happy Camper I am...when one is not expecting a sudden happy change. With the start of my second shift at the new Aluminum Smelter I wasn't expecting to end up with the perfect job for me, far from the maddening crowd in what is called the North 40, working with friends in Receiving and Shipping of scaffolding to various crews on the project. It feels good to get into a routine.
Buddy, My Mom's Peace Rose, a favorite Maple, Mr. Pickwic

A friend I was working with introduced me to Old Billy. A Medalta Jug
Ruskin Dam soon to be rebuilt, Daffodils, a cup of tea
A Farmer out standing in his field and a Presidents of USA plate. A picture gathering seaweed, a family phone sure beats cell phones for me. A painting looking at Quadra Island from Campbell River.   

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Have a great week.

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  1. Enjoyed reading you post. Liked your tea break.

  2. Nice Pictures! :) The flowers are beautiful.

  3. Lovely photos, your buddy is a cutie! And I love the rose.. I was wondering how they can rebuild a dam or are they building a new dam? Beautiful daffodils! Enjoy your new week!

  4. Great post! So happy to have found your site via Mosaic Monday. I had a good time browsing and will visit often!

  5. Hi Bob, great collages. Buddy is a sweetheart! Loving those daffodils, still waiting for ours to bloom here in Ontario.

  6. A lovely post Rob full of interesting photos.
    The shot of the man collecting seaweed and the horse and cart is charming - I've just seen a great documentary on this subject. It was on the coast of England.
    Buddy looks like a great mate for you!
    Looking forward to seeing some photos from North 40 - well done and you're where you want to be - perfect!
    Happy Easter on Vancouver Island.
    Shane in New Zealand

  7. a fabulous collection of photos. Congratulations on the new job! It sounds like you are enjoying it. Have a great week. I am joining you through Mosaic Monday.

  8. Great mosaics. It's always good when you like your job!

  9. Sweet collection of photos. It's great that you like your job. Congrats.


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