Saturday, August 2, 2014


The amount of time left at the end of the Day to work on personal improvement isn't much. I find that the morning (early) is my best opportunity to work on projects. One of my main things is listening to Holosync C/D's, a modern and effective way to help me become more effective, healthy and happy. 

My last time out (home from work for 6 days) the house waterline had to be replaced. My friend Jon Boy who did most of the digging and all of the back filling over 4 long tough days. Three yards of sand and 300 feet of 3/4 inch waterline the new IPEC waterline is so much better to work with than the old style system. A big thank you to Jon and my wife Wendy for all their  help.

The garlic scapes are very tall. Blueberry netting. Buddy. my neighbor Eric and Taz.

On my trip back to Kitimat, really enjoyed the trip.

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend.
Be Happy!
Thanks for visiting.


  1. Hi Rob! It's been a while since I stopped by but it looks like you have been a busy man! the photos of Kitimat are stunning.

  2. You always stay so busy!!! I thought that might have been you in the first set of pics. But after reading - no, it wasn't. Then I thought that might have been you in the second set....but no, it wasn't. Guess you are always BEHIND the camera!!! Loved the pretty pictures - every single one!

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  4. Your are such a busy man. Thanks for taking the time to share a few photos. That is some tall garlic.
    Be safe and enjoy your life.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures


Thanks for your kind comment.

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