Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Rain-O ...

It has been raining, last night and all day and it is much appreciated. There is a chance of a couple more days or rain yet before the sun returns. There is nothing like mother nature watering the plants...

My favorite Day Lilly El Desperado, Buddy enjoying a dog chew, our $2 rose and the young bunny still hanging around.

Our local carving contest it always interesting!

A smokey sunset from the forest fires

I put up the flag on July 1st, some Day Lilies. Blueberries from the garden and working on the old family kitchen table that Dad built - I sort of remember it in the glassed in dining porch on the ranch way back in 1956 and it was part of family life through many moves until it settled in with me (my sisters were wondering where it was).  

Another sunset

Seaweed for the garden to keep the bugs off, Jelly Fish, Buddy and Taz trying to get my attention, Gai feather flowers.

Garlic scapes are ready, garlic and blueberries together. Everything has been ready early this year.

I hope everyone has been able to enjoy some of natures bounty and to spend some time with family and friends.



  1. Enjoy the rain. You can send some to Texas. We need it.

  2. Your garden is beautiful and those fresh blueberries look very delicious!

  3. What a variety of shots you shared with us! I can see why that lily is a favorite. I like the sculptures and the jelly fish is quite interesting, too.

  4. What an interesting world you live in. Those blueberries were my favorite.

  5. Beautiful photos and a look into your world! I love seeing where you live.
    Rain = free water!! After all the terrible things we endured with the flooding in Texas this year - it came as a shock to me that I needed to water!!! And that we are now praying for rain!!!

  6. Those carving are amazing



Thanks for your kind comment.

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