Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sugar Ants it must be Spring

Woke up this morning to a lot of sugar ants although the ant traps are out they don't seem that interested. At home I generally have larger black and red as well as black. Then there is the Carpenter ants which at a certain point have wings they certainly get out and about. My usual treatment is traps and liquid honey like seems to be effective. On Ant hills I mix up 20 mule team Borax and white sugar and give it a good dusting I have been known to jump the fence and do the neighbors as well.  The liquid traps are placed where pets can not get access.


Glass House, don't throw stones
Last Years color


  1. I wonder how they got in? Did you check outside the wall to see if they are in the garden?

  2. We have had them for 3 weeks! Borax will stop them in their tracks!

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