Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fall around the Homestead...

One thing leads to another around the Homestead, one main thing is gathering the falling leaves. Roof maintenance is high on the list, cleaning the gutters leads to cleaning moss, leaves, cones, needles and whatever comes to rest.

Looking at my carport/office the roofing is getting close to being replaced. 
When originally done we used interlocking big mistake they are obsolete now. Lots of leaves and wind fall to be cleaned up, a deer in my neighbours yard.

A lot of pruning, here it is Honeysuckle Mandarin by the garage and another on the power pole, it was massive as it hadn't been done before.
We took our dog Buddy for a sunny walk at Miracle Beach park, lots of old growth Fir, the old and new.

 Part of my morning thing, that pesky roof, Taz, Barberry and Pookie.
It is cold and clear the air is fresh a good day to go for a walk... 

Have a Great Day!!!

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  1. Always lots of work to be done in every season!! I enjoy seeing what you have been up to.
    I also noticed the coconut oil. My daughter, Amber, has put me on to that! I use it for so many things - including a night cream on my face!

  2. Got the last of the carrots in today, delicious. Pulled the bean plants and composted, clipped branches that were crossed or going straight up, love that fresh air. Great to see how your fall jobs are going.


Thanks for your kind comment.

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